A New Beginning

It’s not every day that we get to start over, and even more that we recognize a moment where we can do just that, but I am lucky to say I am doing just that.

For years I was lost, between not knowing myself well enough, battling an unknown disease, depression, weight gain, infertility and the daily wasted time and lethargy that seems to just come connected with all those. Even with a supportive partner and helpful friends, I found myself slipping further into a feeling of despair and hopelessness.

Then one day, it happened. A small breakthrough came to me in the form of a surgery appointment. One designed to finally see what has been plaguing me for so long (I will get into details on that later I assure you).

That’s when it hit me, and I made a huge life altering decision, though I didn’t know how much so at the time.

I decided that the surgery would be my reset. No matter the outcome, the results, or any other factor from that point. I just told myself that would be the day I started my life over, so to speak.

Surgery day came faster than I would ever imagine. I was nervous (who wouldn’t be?), I was in pain, I was antsy to have it over with, but most of all, I was excited and determined. Just a few short hours, and a nap I had no control over, and I would be there, back at the beginning.

I woke up groggy, a little confused, in a strange recovery room, almost like a new life as it was. It was like someone finally turned on the lights, like I had been living in my own personal darkness all that time, and it was finally over!

Every day since then has been everything I had wanted it to be. No, not always perfect. Life still has a funny way of making sure you’re not up in the clouds too long. However it has been quite the journey of self discovery and affirmation.

So here I am, on that journey, living every day to the fullest, while doing what I can to work on making tomorrow another great day too. I decided to start this blog, to have somewhere to put it all, the ideas, thoughts, knowledge, tips and tricks that I am gaining along the way.

If you are out there, wherever you are on your journey, maybe life is grand, or maybe you’re more like I was before I decided in myself to hit the reset button, join me if it fancies you. Life is the sort of journey where company along the way makes all the difference in the world.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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