Juicing it Up

Hey Everyone, how are your kids with drinks and nutrition?  If they are anything like mine, it was a lot of sugary drinks and store-bought cereals.  Not the best, I know, we all know, but it could be worse, right?

Let me be clear, if your kids are well fed, healthy and happy, that is all that really matters.  However, if you’re like me, and that nagging internal voice gets to you about doing better, then this post is for you!

So, what is my solution, you may ask?  Juicing!

Okay, okay, I can hear a lot of voices like I used to say:

“That takes too much time!”

“That takes too much fruits and vegetables!”

“I don’t have a juicer!”

I get it, I was there.  Some days, I still am, well for the time and produce side.  Let me explain my story a bit, and when I am done, I will share my favorite juice recipe.


I did not always think of juicing for the boys.  In fact, I almost rarely thought of juicing at all.  I mean, I had heard the hype, saw more than my share of “video success stories” and read many of them too.  Nothing really stuck with me though.

One day I was visiting a friend in the big city (Toronto) and I ate a ridiculous amount of oh-so-yummy foods that were not all that good for me.  When I got up the next day, all I craved, all my body would let me ingest willingly, was fruits and veggies, the more the better.

That same day, we watched ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’.  The documentary follows a guy named Joe who did this extreme juice cleanse lasting 60 days, helping him lose a lot of weight, and getting him off some medications.

I will admit, I left that day with a thought that comes and goes so many times in my life its shameful “I am going to do that too!” (in this case a juice fast).  I didn’t have a juicer, or, as it turned out, the willpower to fast completely at that time.

It went on the back burner, a thought for ‘tomorrow’ like so many, and that was it.


Until it wasn’t…

One day shopping for the boys, I found myself in a bargain store, and there it was.  A juicer, for half price, under $50.  Now that was something I could afford.

On my way home with my new juicer, I stopped by the grocer and picked up a random assortment of what I thought would make good juicing produce (oranges, apples, celery, spinach, and a pineapple).  I was going to do that juice fast!

Or, maybe not…

Life can get in the way some days, as we all know.   I made my juice, my first yummy batch of juice (okay, it was almost straight orange juice with a handful of spinach) and was on my way.  Then Oliver wanted some juice, so I let him try it, he LOVED it.  No sooner did he love it than Everett wanted some too, he also loved it (for the record, this boy is so picky with drinks it is baffling, but that’s another story).

Suddenly it hit me, they would benefit from this as much as if not more than I would!

So now I juice for them, for me, for Rick, for all our health’s.  I try to juice at least once every other day, when I can, and I try to make enough to just last a day or two.  Some days I can’t, and I don’t beat myself up about it.  The main thing is it is helping us all increase our nutrients and decrease our refined sugars.  A real win-win.

Thanks for reading everyone!




As promised, here is my favorite juice recipe:


½ pineapple

1 bunch spinach (Two big handfuls if your using pre-washed or bagged spinach)

3 apples

1” piece of fresh ginger


Peel and core the pineapple, wash and prep all other ingredients.

Juice all together, shake or mix the juice to combine, and enjoy!

Recipe scales easily to make more or less juice for your family.


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