Sewing A Wardrobe: Tank Top

Continuing on my theme of sewing a wardrobe for yourself, I have gone on to make a nice, light tank top (being summer now and all, I found it fitting!).

Once again, I have used an old, well loved top as the pattern. (I will move on to actual patterns and self designed pieces soon, but I thought it fitting to start simple and move up from there).

I am using four way stretch tee shirt material, the same as I did for the Tee Shirt I made earlier, only this time in light grey.


As before, I lay out my original shirt on some craft paper and trace it out, being sure to include a seam allowance on all sides.


Next I lay my pattern onto my fabric, and cut it out, being sure to have the pattern edge along the fold. What I am left with is a nice front and back piece

The two pieces put together to make sure they are going to work.

Once they have been cut and matched up, I start with sewing the shoulder straps together. All sewing being done that is on the wrong side of the fabric (main seams) is being done with a zigzag stitch, allowing me to keep the stretch at the seams that the fabric has.

First I sew the seam together as normal, but then I add an extra top stitched zigzag for added reinforcement of the shoulder.

It’s hard to see, but the top stitch zigzag helps strengthen the shoulder seam.

Next I sew down the sides, thus finishing my seams.

Side stitching inside out and up close, its hard to see, but I made sure the stitch is as wide as it is spaced, to allow for even stretch.

When it comes to finishing the edges, I wanted it to look a little nicer and have a decorative feel to it. I used my double needle and top stitched all the edges to finish them off. When using a double needle, you end up with a twin row of straight stitches along the top, and a zigzag along the bottom. That being said, I had to stitch down from the top, and will admit I am not the greatest at keeping the seam held under properly when I cannot always see it.

Enter a wonderful tool: Wonder Tape.

You may find it by another name, but basically its a double sided tape, that is thin, and can be sewn through without gumming up the needle. Best part is, it washes away completely in the first wash, so it wont make or keep your edges stiff like they would with other tapes.


I applied it along the edge in small pieces, as it is straight and the edges were not, so this allowed me to make constant small adjustments to the tapes position.


Once the tape is applied, remove the backing, fold over your seam and press down. The tape holds nicely but can be removed easily if you make a mistake.


After that, top stitch with the twin needle, and you have a lovely hemmed edge!


Finish all the edges and you’re done! Another shirt down, and another project accomplished!




*** If there are any particular wardrobe pieces you would like to see, or other sewing projects in general, please leave me a message in my comments.  I love new ideas!!

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