Life changes, change with it…

Well as many of you know, it has been quite a long time since my last post. What you may not know is that since then, my life changed again, completely.

I could go into details, but there is no use for more drama in this world.

What I will do is sum it up as such: in a short time I’ve gone from stepmother of two, and caring partner, to alone once more.

I wont point fingers. I wont say why. Things are different now, but like everything else, it’s another step in this journey of life. With good friends, family and people who care, I will keep moving forward. Getting better and improving myself with every step along the way.

It will still be a bit before I return to blogging as regularly as I was in the beginning, but I will be back with all the loving tips, tricks and other tidbits that brought you my way to begin with.

In the meantime I thank you all for your patience in this time of change and growth.

Keep moving forward, it’s the only way you can go.

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